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  • Divorce, legal separation, step-parent adoption, paternity and parental responsibility (custody)
  • Child support worksheets, calculation of child support arrears and interest, income assignments for child support and/or maintenance
  • Sworn Financial Statements
  • Sealing criminal records and expunging juvenile records
  • Evictions (F.E.D.)
  • Contempt of Court
  • Motions to Modify court orders
  • Small claims and county court civil cases
  • Wills, Living Wills, Powers of Attorney

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Can’t afford an attorney? Need help preparing legal documents and navigating the Court system?

OfficeWhen you are facing a legal issue and don’t know how to apply the law to your situation, you need the advice of an attorney. However, do you really need to hire one to proceed?


Some cases require legal representation but many do not. Once you have decided to proceed pro se, or without representation, will you know what to do next? You will have reviewed the self-help section of the Colorado Judicial Branch website, purchased a packet of forms, attended a do-it-yourself clinic, and/or gone so far as to pay an online preparer to type your legal documents for you.

Can You Really Do This Alone?

Do you have ready access to a notary public, copies, postage and a process server?


Do you have time during the business day to handle these particulars and wait in line at the Courts to file documents?


Will you know how to schedule a hearing and how to prepare yourself and your witnesses for your day in Court?


Do you understand the process?


All of the answers to these questions become “Yes” with the assistance of the professionals at Help Yourself Document Preparation Center, LLC.

Our Role

Help Yourself Document Preparation Center is designed to help non-lawyers prepare their own documents and comply with court procedural requirements. We are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice or representation. You must have a good grasp of the legal and practical rules and procedures you face in order to represent yourself in Court, and you must first review the Colorado Judicial Department website to determine which forms are appropriate for your circumstances. You make all the decisions; our role is to professionally prepare the paperwork related to your decisions and help you prepare yourself for your day in Court.


Help Yourself Document Preparation Center takes the worry and anxiety out of “doing it yourself” in situations where the decisions and agreements have been made by the parties and they are jointly requesting the Court’s approval of their agreements. We can also assist one party, representing himself or herself, who seeks to file a new case or forms to enforce an existing order. For a fee considerably less than what an attorney would charge, you can attain the peace of mind that will come with knowing that all the Court procedures have been followed and that the necessary documents are complete before they are filed or a Court hearing is held. You will act as your own attorney and an experienced paralegal will prepare you and your paperwork. Although we can type forms for self-represented parties in contested cases, we strongly encourage you to seek legal advice or representation.

Call Us!

Our services will greatly help in reducing the time and stress involved in going through the legal process alone. We provide you with efficient and reliable paralegal services and assistance in complying with the requirements of the courts. We cater office hours to meet your needs and are conveniently located at 2607 West 10th Street, Suite F, Greeley, Colorado. Contact us now and learn more about how we help you help yourself.

Peace of Mind Included at No Additional Charge!

Our mission at Help Yourself Document Preparation Center is to make sure that our clients get every bit of information and assistance required, including appropriate referrals to others. Our flat rate services include office consultations, notarization, filing with the Court, copies, postage, faxing, emails and phone calls, together with procedural assistance. Contact us now for the assistance and confidence that you need.

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